Welcome to my website!

Here you can find all there is to know about my first book Heaven's Hill - Stories told by Himmelsberg's linden tree, which appeared in 2010 during the renewal of Himmelsberg.

It would please me if you lingered on my site for a while. I was greatly honored to have had the opportunity to write about the village of Himmelsberg and its mighty linden tree.

English, French, German

This website is available in three languages. A sample chapter from the book has been translated into French and English. This meets my wish to impart some of my culture abroad. And precisely because of its regional ties it may be of interest to speakers of other languages...

The second book has been published!

In the meantime I have written a sequel to my first book. Anna Lena is older and more self-confident: this time she has adventures centered on the townhall rooster, Wilfried Hahn, who has grown angry over the years and whom the protagonist moves to a fundamental decision. In addition, she discovers a mirror of time in the cellar-vault of townhall. It tells her (hi)stories of times past and their secrets...

"Fast wie eine Zeitreise - Geschichten vom Marburger Rathausgockel"
M.R. Verlagsgesellschaft, ISBN 978-3-9817116-3-9 Order

The author Ute Verena Schneidewindt

Ute Verena Schneidewindt